Fuel and running costs

Whilst running costs only ever seem to head in one direction, there are many ways we can reduce the impact on our pockets. You may be surprised as our experts dispel some urban myths as well as revealing some great ideas for making savings.

18 December 2012

Ways to increase your vehicle's safety and efficiency

As we move into the hottest time of the year, now is a great time to ensure that you’re running your vehicle safely and efficiently. Use of navigation applications help reduce driving time, and with t... Read more

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2 November 2012

Volt takes charge at Britomart

Holden's new electric vehicle, the Volt, is heading off on a Kiwi road trip. Before it departs it is stopping off at Auckland's busy Britomart bus station for a recharge. The Volt was spotted this mor... Read more

31 July 2012

Run the tank until near empty, or fill up when it gets to half?

There are a couple of theories around this question – both are correct, but they contradict each other! One theory says that it is not good practise to let the tank run to almost empty as if there is ... Read more


13 July 2012

Re-inventing the car as we know it

Spot the Volt Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are slowly working their way amongst us in many different forms. Some people refer to them as big electrical appliances and others perceive them to be overgrown ... Read more

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28 June 2012

RUC hike ahead for most diesel owners

Most diesel vehicle owners will pay more in Road User Charges (RUC) when the tax system changes in August. The major change is that vehicles will now be charged for the maximum weight they can carry, ... Read more

Peter King blog post-Bike lanes-Red bike

11 May 2012

Innovation thriving in European bike lanes

In Europe cycle lanes have turned out to be more than just a facility for commuters and tourists. They are also fast becoming a lane for a new range of cycle-based businesses and services. Cycle logis... Read more

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10 May 2012

MegaRegions and transport

The ability to work across political boundaries to achieve better transport integration within economically coherent regions is becoming an important source of trade competitiveness. That was the view... Read more

Michelin hydrogen fuel cell car for Peter King blog post

10 May 2012

Tyre-maker Builds Hydrogen Future

French tyre manufacturer Michelin seems to be quietly building a platform for itself as a potential vehicle chassis manufacturer in a hydrogen powered future. At the International Transport Forum in ... Read more

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7 May 2012

Build it, and they will come

Build it, and they will come. Such has been the mantra of many infrastructure pundits – particularly in the private sector. “We built it. They didn’t come,” Irish Transport Minister Leo Varadkar told ... Read more

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3 May 2012

Freight and Cities

Cities are built to trade, but is the way we trade around the city making the best use of road space? This is one of the questions being considered at the International Transport Forum’s Annual summit... Read more

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