Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers for driving lessons or defensive driving courses are the perfect solution for all drivers.

Driving lessons

$55-70 per voucher
Depending on your area

Defensive Driving

$199 per voucher

Gift ideas for learner drivers

Regardless of age or skill level, our gift vouchers are a great idea for people learning to drive or wanting to improve their driving skills.

Driving lesson gift vouchers

The perfect gift for a learner driver or even as a refresher for someone more experienced. One voucher = one driving lesson. The minimum requirement for in-car driver training is holding a learner licence.

Defensive driving course vouchers

It's an advanced driving skills course, slashing time off the restricted licence. It includes four classroom theory sessions and a practical vehicle session. A wonderful and unique present idea! 

Improve your chances of passing the test by learning to drive from the professionals.

Become a better driver and reduce the time to your full licence by 6 months.

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