Renewing your driver licence

From age 75 you'll be legally classed as an older driver. At age 75, 80, and every two years after, you'll need to get a medical certificate to renew your driver's licence.

How to renew your driver licence

To renew your licence after your 75th birthday you should visit your doctor to get a medical certificate. This is part of the renewal process to ensure you are able to continue to drive safely.

When renewing your licence after age 75,your health and vision will need to be regularly checked. This is both for your own safety and the safety of other road users.

 lic renewal draft V3

During your appointment, your doctor will discuss your present state of health and test your eyesight. They will then recommend whether you are either:

  1. medically fit to drive
  2. medically fit to drive with conditions (e.g. correcting lenses, time-of-day restriction, distance restriction)
  3. medically fit to drive subject to an On-road Safety Test
  4. to be referred to a specialist (e.g. optometrist or occupational therapist for further assessment)
  5. not medically fit to drive. If this is the case your doctor must advise the NZ Transport Agency and your licence will expire on your next birthday.

More information about renewing your licence as an older driver is available on the NZTA website.


The licence renewal application process

To apply to renew your licence you need to visit a driver licensing agent in person. You need to take:

  1. a completed driver licence application form (DL1)
  2. a current medical certificate issued by your doctor within the last 60 days
  3. your current photo driver licence or other acceptable evidence of your identity
  4. a cheque, cash or EFTPOS card to pay for your new licence. Some agents also accept credit cards.

Once your application is complete, you’ll receive a temporary licence which is valid for 21 days. Keep this on you whenever you’re driving until your new driver licence arrives in the mail (within two to three weeks).

We can help you prepare for an on-road safety test, and to brush up your driving skills before you have an appointment with an Occupational Therapist for a further assessment.