AA Roadservice facts and services

With the summer holiday season around the corner, we wanted to share 7 AA Roadservice facts and tips to help make your holiday run smoothly.  

We're here to keep you moving.

Read on to find out how we look after you in the event of a roadside breakdown

  1. We have a handy app to make it easy for you to let us know where you and your broken down car are. Plus you can track how far away our Service Officer is*.
  2. We attended over 480,000 Member callouts in the last year and in most cases fixed the problem at the roadside 
  3. We have a mobile battery delivery service
  4. We have an AA Auto Centre near you to help with your WoF, repairs and servicing
  5. You can call us to change your tyre with your spare
  6. If your side window gets smashed, we can do a free temporary emergency replacement
  7. We can organise a tow referral for you if we can't fix the problem at the roadside
  8. AA Roadservice can also jumpstart your vehicle, get you back in your car when you're locked out and deliver free fuel if you've run out

Key facts.

Of those 480,000 AA Roadservice callouts:

  1. Over 210,000 had a battery or electrical related problem
  2. 70,000 Members received a tow
  3. Over 40,000 Members lost or locked their keys in their vehicles



*Track My Job functionality available to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch based Members


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