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About me I've worked for the AA since late 2005, and prior to that spent 9 years as a transport lobbyist at the Bus & Coach Association in Wellington.

My role at the AA includes monitoring and commenting on fuel prices, domestic and global supply trends, renewable fuels, and helping advise motorists on how to reduce their fuel costs. I also advise members on transport issues and law, and research and prepare submissions on transport legislation and policy. I am also the AA representative on various industry stakeholder groups.

I'm a life-long car enthusiast (my mum says my first words were “Mini” or “Vee-dub”), and I own a collection of classic Fiats and have previously raced a clubsport car. I've been an AA member since buying my first “old and unreliable” car some 20 years ago (which I still own and am restoring), and besides tinkering or just driving my classics in my spare time I also volunteer my knowledge and time to support the classic car sector.

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