AA Smartfuel FAQs


Frequently asked questions

  • Where do I get an AA Smartfuel card?

  • How do I register my AA Smartfuel card?

  • What if I lose or damage my AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card?

  • How do I redeem my AA Smartfuel discounts?

  • Are all my accumulated AA Smartfuel discounts cleared every time I redeem my fuel discounts?

  • Do my AA Smartfuel discounts expire?

  • What is the maximum amount of fuel I can redeem my fuel discounts for?

  • Is there a limit to the discounts I can accumulate?

  • Can I use my AA Smartfuel discounts on all types of fuel?

  • How can I view my AA Smartfuel account balance?

  • How do I attach additional AA Smartfuel cards to my account?

  • How do I join or create a group with other cardholders?

  • Can supermarket fuel dockets be redeemed along with AA Smartfuel discounts?

  • What happens to my AA Smartfuel Account if my AA Membership has lapsed?

  • How do I contact AA Smartfuel for more information and help with my account?

  • What should I do if I forget to swipe my card to earn an AA Smartfuel discount?

Converting AA Smartfuel discounts

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