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Turn your AA Smartfuel discounts into CarbonClick credits, which go towards funding high-quality carbon offsetting projects!

CarbonClick Climate Action

CarbonClick makes it simple for you to take action on climate change.

CarbonClick credits fund certified and gold standard carbon offsetting projects like regenerating and reforesting New Zealand's native forests and supporting clean energy projects.

You'll have full transparency of your offsets through a personalised CarbonClick dashboard, enabling you to track the total impact you are making and trace exactly where your contributions are going.

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What impact will I make?

You will earn $0.25 CarbonClick credits for every 1 cent per litre AA Smartfuel discount that you convert.

Did you know that $0.25 CarbonClick credits is the equivalent of offsetting approximately 12.5kg worth of carbon dioxide or 50km worth of driving?*

CarbonClick Convert AA Smartfuel

The value of non-fuel rewards may differ from the value of AA Smartfuel discounts.



How do I get started? Simple...

To turn your discounts into CarbonClick credits, simply download the AA Smartfuel app and select 'Rewards' from the menu bar.

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Why use CarbonClick?

CarbonClick connects millions of people around the world to projects that help reduce carbon emissions and restore nature.

Find out more about how they make carbon offsetting simple, trustworthy, and cost effective.

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See the impact you've help create, with our live CarbonClick dashboard

This AA Smartfuel dashboard helps you see the change that you and other Kiwis are making, together!


Calculate your driving footprint

Use the CarbonClick calculator to find out how to offset the impact of your driving footprint:


View our 'Frequently Asked Questions' about converting your AA Smartfuel discounts into other rewards:

AA Smartfuel FAQs

*Assumes a conservative price of $20 for a carbon credit and medium-sized petrol car consuming around 10 litres per 100km of driving. One (1) litre of regular petrol emits approximately 2.45kg worth of C02-e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

The value of non-fuel rewards may differ from the value of AA Smartfuel discounts. Check our partners’ websites to find out how non-fuel rewards can be redeemed and for what value.

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