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I Love AA Smartfuel! Has taken me a while to work out how to utilise it the best but have finally got my head around it. Shopping where I can to swipe and I now wait till the end of the next month to use my discount and fill up my car. Being that I use premium it helps A LOT!! I have saved $163.90 in the last year. $60 being my best discount in one transaction so far however, I will have $1.06 [per litre] by the time I fill next week which I expect will save me more. Great idea guys! Thanks for helping the little people :)” – Michaela Dearlove

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10 December 2016 | By kiwiviv

Well it is still disappointing that one card points are useless to people not spending over $100 a week
People living on their own do very well and often need to keep their grocery spend to under $100 a seek. but is seems that Count down is once again only interested in helping big spenders.
For years i realised it was useless to use the one card because it was another card that added no value, if i did not spend the equivalent of $2000 in 6 months. or the equivalent of $333 in a month i cannot get any benefit. The money spend is to high for a person on their own,. hoping that things may have changed with the new onecard system and link up to BP but no. still it is pointless.

"You’ll earn 1 point for every whole $10 you spend in-store or online. Points will expire 6 months after the date of purchase. Once you’ve earned 200 points, we’ll send you a $15 Onecard Voucher to enjoy."

Disappointing again Countdown.

10 October 2015 | By HelenJordan

I do high mileage, about 500k per week. My tank takes 60 + litres. When the Smartfuel discount was available for up to 100 litres I saved an average of 25$ per month. Last year I saved just over 300$. Now that it's only up to 50litres I save less. Not by much but the whole point of the Smartfuel discount is that small amounts add up. I vote for a return to a maximum of 100 litres!

5 August 2015 | By {insom}

Thank AA, I saved heaps of $$$ !!

5 August 2015 | By {insom}

Thank AA, I saved heaps of $$$ !!

5 December 2013 | By rugerno1

have not collected anything since it started
i have a 50cc scooter which take $10 petrol so i dont get any discount whatever
This card is nearly useless unless i have a breakdown or broken windshield.

1 June 2013 | By maurisa1

Took advantage of star savings friday queens birthday weekend i saved $1.35 per litre upon redeeming, biggest savings so far paid $30.83 for $85 premium petrol. Woohoo moment right there!! :)

9 May 2013 | By dtaylorstow2

have saved $1045.29 for last 12 months absolutely great been converted to Caltex from z way better than fly buys

1 May 2013 | By Evelyn52

I have saved at least $82.64, probably more as I havent keep a very close record. Love AAsmartfuel.

30 April 2013 | By Denisemccamish

i have saved $111.21

30 April 2013 | By qweenbnz69

I have saved $101.64. Its awesome

30 April 2013 | By carlo_ronchetti

Have saved about $37.00 which is awesome as it all adds up. Thanks BP and Caltex for your great promotion !!! A Happy customer !!!

29 April 2013 | By bethhoulbrooke


29 April 2013 | By denizej

my car is a 2 tonne 4.0L V8 with a 90L fuel tank, so I only refill it at a BP or Caltex, on the weekend I topped up from just 2/3 full and it took 41.5 litres of 95 octane and with a $12 car wash this cost $2.20 per litre

can I have 2 cards please?

29 April 2013 | By Melgraham

We usually save $3 per week (more when doing trips/holidays). This becomes our ice-cream fund so when we're out and about it pays for a treat

29 April 2013 | By trevg

$21.84 every bit helps

28 April 2013 | By winstonwu

I only saved 6.98 in last year. I am a new AA member. However, I think it much more useful than supermarket vouchers.

27 April 2013 | By Renovate

To date I have saved $115.00, great idea.

27 April 2013 | By ewing33

total saving so far $41.33

27 April 2013 | By BNPpalmer

Cant find where to enter for the $50.00 fuel prize, so assuming the add comment is part of the entry process??? in the competition period I have saved 44 cents per litre.

27 April 2013 | By mbraithwaite

I have save over $50.00 in the last year.

27 April 2013 | By CatherineCruickshank

Saved $21.63. Could make more use of this if the minimum spend was lower.

26 April 2013 | By tony.lami

From 1 April 2012 to 7 April 2013 I saved $ 69.75

26 April 2013 | By irach

I have saved $59.70.

26 April 2013 | By shelleym

I have saved $39.63 in about 9 months.

25 April 2013 | By di.bishop

$63.80 :-)

25 April 2013 | By NikkiW2

$60 wahooooo!!

24 April 2013 | By markirwin

My wife and I have saved $161.79 in the last year.

24 April 2013 | By JOHN_N_HUNT

I have saved $50-53 in the last year by using both BP and Caltex service stations .

24 April 2013 | By borrien1

I've saved $16.75 - and that is great as I ride a bike to work and use the car for longer/ big item/heavy load (e.g. groceries) trips. And although it seems a small amount it means I have more dollars to support the local economy i.e. buy a coffee!! So thanks to AA for organising Smartfuel.

24 April 2013 | By jengle

Saved $18 plus - don't do much mileage, but any savings is appreciated.

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