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I Love AA Smartfuel! Has taken me a while to work out how to utilise it the best but have finally got my head around it. Shopping where I can to swipe and I now wait till the end of the next month to use my discount and fill up my car. Being that I use premium it helps A LOT!! I have saved $163.90 in the last year. $60 being my best discount in one transaction so far however, I will have $1.06 [per litre] by the time I fill next week which I expect will save me more. Great idea guys! Thanks for helping the little people :)” – Michaela Dearlove

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13 March 2013 | By Darren_g

over $13 in a single fill. tip: use your full allowance, so keep an eye on the litres not the $$ on the pump!

13 March 2013 | By PMHarlen

Saved $18.92 in the last year.

13 March 2013 | By merrie

I think mine is a pretty huge saving. $1.61. Obviously doing it wrong, so 50 litres of fuels would be a huge bonus!

13 March 2013 | By ADLynch

Total savings in the last year $41.68 & the most I saved in one go was over $12! :)

13 March 2013 | By pralexander1

I have saved $14.25!

13 March 2013 | By aldro598

A huge $4.74! must be going to the wrong petrol stations.

13 March 2013 | By SCOTT-ADRIAN

Ive saved $170.07 in the last 12 months and my biggest discount was .60 cents a litre, this is great , with the price of petrol at the moment makes a 60litre fill over $120 at a time.

13 March 2013 | By ness55

I have saved an amazing $24.59 this year with my AA smartfuel card and looking to save more.

13 March 2013 | By acportch


13 March 2013 | By wa1kanae

I have saved $84.81 over 12 months, have been an AA member for 20 years, great to have saving and service, that's a bonus.

13 March 2013 | By lathamlockwood

Have saved over $120 so far this year! Top up $40 every time accumulating 6cpl every time.

13 March 2013 | By muzsuz2

saved over $30! I try to accumulate my 6c and use Thirsty thursday whenever possible

13 March 2013 | By kawtar

$54. I refuel $40 each time and accumulate, by the end of month 2 I redeem.

13 March 2013 | By mtunley

I have saved a whopping $85.93... WOOHOOOO....

Thanks AA Smartfuel :)

13 March 2013 | By cormaco

Only about $20 and some of my points expired! :-(

13 March 2013 | By jdchin1066

Saved $104 so far.
The biggest saving to date is $18 when I got 30c off per litre by shopping at Repco on top of my normal 6c

13 March 2013 | By jharlidge


13 March 2013 | By Achilles22

$152.71 - this is the best fuel offer available that I have discovered. I now only buy fuel from Caltex or BP.

13 March 2013 | By jjmc75

I have save over $55 in fuel costs and its been great especially with the fuel costs so high. I try and build up my balance of savings then redeem a bigger fuel discount at a later date.

13 March 2013 | By deaths

I love it filled up the other day saved over $11.00 - my total savings for the year so far are $62.41

13 March 2013 | By racheall

all together ive saved $156.62, and the most in one fill after redeeming points was around the $44.00 mark, thanks AA

13 March 2013 | By CaronHobbs


13 March 2013 | By hjsmith59

I've saved $6.35. Haven't been driving much, but still a saving.

13 March 2013 | By kathyjones

$8.88 but after reading comments I realise I need to be a bit more strategic

13 March 2013 | By paulmovric

I saved last year $93.60, Thanks BP and AA, you rock!!!

13 March 2013 | By alibaybee

$45.42 so far!

13 March 2013 | By susanwnz

$9.80 only because I mainly purchase groceries from Countdown and therefore shop at Z Energy for my fuel.

13 March 2013 | By

Over the past year I have received $37.79 fuel discount/savings. It really works well.

13 March 2013 | By nganeko58

I have saved $168.90 in fuel discounts so far , if you are strategic you can accumulate the 6cpl by only refilling $40 at a time which could save you 24 cents a litre for every long haul trip ( e.g. New Plymouth to Wellington and return) and only patronised those retailers who give the discount .

12 March 2013 | By mdickson

Over the last year I've redeemed $286 worth of fuel discounts! Accumulating the 6cpl at the petrol station really helps.

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