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I Love AA Smartfuel! Has taken me a while to work out how to utilise it the best but have finally got my head around it. Shopping where I can to swipe and I now wait till the end of the next month to use my discount and fill up my car. Being that I use premium it helps A LOT!! I have saved $163.90 in the last year. $60 being my best discount in one transaction so far however, I will have $1.06 [per litre] by the time I fill next week which I expect will save me more. Great idea guys! Thanks for helping the little people :)” – Michaela Dearlove

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24 April 2013 | By JOHN_N_HUNT

I have saved $50-53 in the last year by using both BP and Caltex service stations .

24 April 2013 | By borrien1

I've saved $16.75 - and that is great as I ride a bike to work and use the car for longer/ big item/heavy load (e.g. groceries) trips. And although it seems a small amount it means I have more dollars to support the local economy i.e. buy a coffee!! So thanks to AA for organising Smartfuel.

24 April 2013 | By jengle

Saved $18 plus - don't do much mileage, but any savings is appreciated.

23 April 2013 | By Thisones4me

saved a buck or three so far methinks but its gonna add it over time...

23 April 2013 | By christineh

I have saved just over $71 in the past year just by going the caltex station round the corner from where i work.

23 April 2013 | By pamandericd

over $130 now.

23 April 2013 | By sophiepetrie

About $55. (I couldn't find where to get the exact balance!) Love having auto discount without having to find a supermarket fuel voucher. :-)

23 April 2013 | By TinaStacey


22 April 2013 | By Gabor969

I have saved $69.49 in the last year.

22 April 2013 | By mrcake

Only saved $5, use my not much at all.

22 April 2013 | By mrcake

Only saved $5, use my not much at all.

22 April 2013 | By kathrynthorne

Only $10 Don't use my car that much

22 April 2013 | By HaleyDuncan

$47.51 so far! looking forward to saving more now I have linked my partner with my account! :D

22 April 2013 | By jess1987

I have saved about 40.60, good policy. I love it.

22 April 2013 | By jess1987

I have saved about 40.60, good policy. I love it.

22 April 2013 | By jess1987

I have saved about 40.60, good policy. I love it.

22 April 2013 | By irelle.white

I LOVE the AA logo - Can also stand for Instant petrol savings Always Available at BP - Yeah. Can't believe I've already notched up $49 in savings this year. ThankQ AA & BP

22 April 2013 | By roscoem

$96.02 in the last year - love it.

22 April 2013 | By chris_cherie

$39.14 so far, never fill more than 50 litres at a time to maximize discount, shop where you see the AA Smartfuel discount. Be price savy, and check and fine the cheapest Caltex or BP closest to you to add to the savings

22 April 2013 | By russellkwa

I've saved $121.91 in six months, quite a lot for a student working on a limited budget. A couple of rules I live by, #1 never pump more than $40 at a time, if I have to I break it into bill of $40 each; #2 dine at food places that give you discounts like Burger King or Cafe Cuba (Palmerston North); #3 buy food items that give you cents off from the petrol station; #4 shop at participating outlets with friends to total up the bill for cents off. Best reward program for petrol! Thanks AA. (=

21 April 2013 | By lovelee222

I've saved $35.66 this year - awesome!!

21 April 2013 | By daveread123

I have saved $74.76 dollars,look forward to continued savings

21 April 2013 | By anthony64

i have saved $106.98 in last year. I just need to ensure I always have my AA card with me.

21 April 2013 | By gailreid

I have saved $64.40 so far. I wait until my petrol tank is close to empty before I re fuel to redeem my discount.

21 April 2013 | By patnpeterreid

I've saved $93:91. Better than a kick in the teeth.

21 April 2013 | By livvy15

$96 :)

21 April 2013 | By andreamweston

As an additional bonus, instead of just filling up $80 as one transaction, I put in two lots of $40, the BP and Caltex employees don't mind swiping your AA card twice at all =D ! DOUBLE THE SAVINGS ! I joined the AA in Nov last year and have already saved $67.15!

21 April 2013 | By loganbrown94

I have saved $143.03 so far. I have discovered on Feb this year by filling $40.00 of petrol each time, I could save more, so in March I saved .42 cents per litre when filling up my tank. Cheers.

20 April 2013 | By eggnoodle

I have saved $132.15 in the last 12 months, and buy fuel in $40 amounts to accumulate savings. Last time I filled up I was able to save 61c per litre, or a saving of $30.50 on 50 litres.

20 April 2013 | By mowata

saved $66.45

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