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I Love AA Smartfuel! Has taken me a while to work out how to utilise it the best but have finally got my head around it. Shopping where I can to swipe and I now wait till the end of the next month to use my discount and fill up my car. Being that I use premium it helps A LOT!! I have saved $163.90 in the last year. $60 being my best discount in one transaction so far however, I will have $1.06 [per litre] by the time I fill next week which I expect will save me more. Great idea guys! Thanks for helping the little people :)” – Michaela Dearlove

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20 April 2013 | By mowatc

saved $101.47

20 April 2013 | By kulupa

i saved nothing. It's too expensive

20 April 2013 | By Oniram61

I have saved $68.59 so far this year. Once a month I get a carwash, so that earns me 10c litre saving and I redeem my 6c every second fill so then I get 12c. So that means usually 10c one fill and 12c the other fill in a month.

20 April 2013 | By daleburne

I have saved $136.30. We recently purchased as new kitchen from Kitchen Studio, and got an additional 25c for several months. I always made sure I used the full 40 litres when using the large discount.

20 April 2013 | By lpleung9559

I have saved $114.41 last year

20 April 2013 | By hoosier

Saved $62.49 over the last year!

20 April 2013 | By bev.liss

I have saved $41.29 in the past year.

20 April 2013 | By vicky242

I have saved $38.14 in the last year :)

20 April 2013 | By Soumitra

$207--- nearly four times the amount spent on my yearly membership, its quatro whammy.

19 April 2013 | By shanelou

we only put $40 each time, have saved $150.76 so far despite having an economical car:)

19 April 2013 | By bandchick

I've saved $131.95 this year.
I'll be able to save more though if I stick to $40 purchases like kathyp1 commented...I keep forgetting that...I also get a mega carwash each week and that gives me an xtra 10c saving plus the 5th carwash is free...double bonus.

19 April 2013 | By kathyp1

I accumulate for 2 months then spend and SAVE

19 April 2013 | By kathyp1

Hi I've saved a massive $ 445.78 so far looking forward to saving more I never purchase more than $ 40.00 at a time. if I purchase $40 = 0.6c if I purchase $80 = 0.6c. 2 purchases of $40 = 12c. To coin a phrase I'm enjoying the journey and the savings

19 April 2013 | By walter3

I have saved $26.35 last year

19 April 2013 | By maiamac10

This card rocks, I have probably saved about $30 so far and counting, really glad I took the plunge and signed up with the AA. Thanks :)

19 April 2013 | By Bridgette3

Just getting used to using it as just signed up so only a couple of dollars so far.

19 April 2013 | By kiwinutter

I accumulate each month and save at least $20 each month - it's really worth it!

19 April 2013 | By bedimanik

I've saved $18.46 AA is the best!!

19 April 2013 | By lmrobb

Saved $72.57 and just cashed in 26c tonight

19 April 2013 | By emmeline

I have saved $68.18 over the last year

19 April 2013 | By kennycool

I've saved $193.36

19 April 2013 | By Haoxinqing

I've saved $70.15.

19 April 2013 | By lightning4eva

I have saved $59.85. I like to save up the discount for a big fill before a roadtrip!

19 April 2013 | By geoffjedda35

I have always used Caltex fuel, and get good mileage. Up till now I have saved $35.81 with my A.A. smart fuel card.

19 April 2013 | By mike_kim

Well, 21.54 is mine. More than I thought :-)

19 April 2013 | By rukstone

No sure exactly (how to get exact record) but would estimate $75: all good :o)

19 April 2013 | By gunas530411

I have saved $93.99 to date

19 April 2013 | By dhaval.c.sheth

i have save $189.76 till now

19 April 2013 | By colinjbright

Saved $149 in last year mainly by using $40 per time and saving until go for longer trip once per month

19 April 2013 | By spartacus2

I've saved $66.32

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