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I Love AA Smartfuel! Has taken me a while to work out how to utilise it the best but have finally got my head around it. Shopping where I can to swipe and I now wait till the end of the next month to use my discount and fill up my car. Being that I use premium it helps A LOT!! I have saved $163.90 in the last year. $60 being my best discount in one transaction so far however, I will have $1.06 [per litre] by the time I fill next week which I expect will save me more. Great idea guys! Thanks for helping the little people :)” – Michaela Dearlove

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19 April 2013 | By Avgfree3170

Always saves me $$$ ;)) Got to Love AA

19 April 2013 | By kirsty3

$55.82 - tips and tricks....? don't forget to take your card in when you pay!

19 April 2013 | By tardis

$93.69. Spent 5 months touring South Island. Well worth belonging to AA.

19 April 2013 | By rangikutomz

so far iv saved $22.25 its a awsme competition gta b in2 win

19 April 2013 | By dano_kent

i have saved $2.70

19 April 2013 | By Oaklands

I have saved $136.88 so far and i will be making further savings as we drive around New Zealand

19 April 2013 | By debsaaone

Have saved over $66 dollars this year - yeah

19 April 2013 | By laurajanemaharey

My husband and I drive a lot and have linked our cards, in the last year we've saved $530.22!

19 April 2013 | By Hooksy60

Always fill up at Caltex, savings this year so far $118.69!! Great promo.

19 April 2013 | By joysam

I have saved over $66.00 so that must be good.

19 April 2013 | By Deborah25

I'm sure there must be a simple way of finding out how much you've saved in actual $$...darned if I know what it is though...

19 April 2013 | By Vdlbug

A whopping $84.49 thats more than a full tank without my card

19 April 2013 | By mareer2

over $35 saved already!

19 April 2013 | By mareer2

Enjoying saving $$ every time I fill up!

19 April 2013 | By alee

saved in last year $98.79 (as per online statement)

19 April 2013 | By chimneystax202

I've saved $140.18 in the last year. Top up at Caltex Hornby and spend $40 on petrol and get a stamp towards a FREE Car Wash ( Only 5 stamps required) a bargain!!

19 April 2013 | By kiwigo

I have saved $61.81 this year
Get my WOF at an AA centre and save

19 April 2013 | By yukling

I've saved $71.63!!!

19 April 2013 | By dazpat41

I've saved $44!

19 April 2013 | By makere24

I've saved $41.82 already!

19 April 2013 | By merrilyn

I have saved $108.56, and I was told while filling up once, that if I just put in $50.00 one week and accumulate the points and do the same again the next week. Then do a full top up when the tank was nearly empty I saved $12.00. I was stoked,

19 April 2013 | By JAS_NZ

$47 uptodate

19 April 2013 | By mnireland

$52.78 saved to date. Sharp.

19 April 2013 | By lambertcj7

I've earned a few dollars, but hubby has cashed a whole lot more - pays to use your card every time you qualify :)

19 April 2013 | By nmulligan

$4.83. At least one garage near the beginning of the programme did not put the savings through. Preferred the old system where we got a discount on our membership.

19 April 2013 | By shortstuff2

Have saved $57.92 so far.Great money saving innovation.Thank you AA.

19 April 2013 | By jlaffey

Great savings use all the time

19 April 2013 | By Peterjam2

$57.28. It is always best to use AA card to get accumulated petrol discounts from places that you need a particular product. Failure to present your AA card in those instances can cost heaps.

19 April 2013 | By whitby_5

ps get your WOF done at an AA centre. That saved me hundreds!!!

19 April 2013 | By ericsun521

$112.02. I would love to see more. That will be great if you apply more disount on #95 or #98.

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