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Add to your fuel discounts without spending a cent!

Sign up to Pureprofile and start answering questions about your habits, lifestyle and interests.

It’s free and takes just seconds to sign up. The more questions you answer and the more information you share, the more chance your Pureprofile gets to know you – and the more it can match you to surveys which deliver rewards (including AA Smartfuel discounts).


  • Accumulate fuel discounts by completing online surveys.

  • You can opt-out of Pureprofile at any time.

  • All of your personal details are kept strictly confidential.

About Pureprofile

Pureprofile is a global pioneer in online market research and has partnered with AA Smartfuel to build a panel of New Zealand based consumers.

How Pureprofile works

Sign up for Pureprofile and build your profile by answering questions about your habits, lifestyle and interests. The more opinions you share, the more your Pureprofile gets to know you – and the more it can match you to surveys which deliver rewards.

Pureprofile and privacy

Pureprofile takes data privacy seriously and does not sell, trade, give or rent any personal information to third parties unless you have given your express consent or it is permitted by law.

Pureprofile’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy outline the protections they have put in place for their users.

Your Pureprofile feed

Your feed is the first thing you see when you log into Pureprofile. It’s where you’ll find all of your activities and get quick access to your profile information, transaction activity and redemption options.

In your feed, you’ll find:

  • Profile questions. These questions match you to relevant paid surveys and videos and articles. You’ll notice more activities in your feed as you answer more questions.

  • Surveys. These ask you to share your opinion, often about brands and products.

  • Content. This content is matched exactly to your likes and interests. Your feed will be full of polls, articles and videos to engage with. You can enrich your Pureprofile earning opportunities simply by clicking on these content pieces.

Pureprofile rewards

As you complete paid surveys or refer friends, your Pureprofile account balance will grow. You can check your balance in real time by visiting your feed. You can turn your Pureprofile earnings into AA Smartfuel discounts. For example, you can turn just $5 of your Pureprofile rewards into a 10c per litre discount - turbo charging your fuel savings!

You can also redeem your Pureprofile account balance as cash paid straight into your PayPal account.

Pureprofile has a redemption limit of $50 every 60 days, with all fuel discount redemptions paid instantly to your AA Smartfuel account and all PayPal redemptions paid within 30 business days.

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