AA and ACC join forces to expand on-road coaching for motorcyclists

19 November 2018

AA and ACC join forces to expand on-road coaching for motorcyclists

The AA and ACC have joined forces to expand on-road coaching for motorcyclists.

AA Driving School is now a facilitator of the ACC-funded Ride Forever programme, with courses currently being rolled out in Waikato, Manawatu, Wellington, Otago and Southland.

ACC research has found riders who complete a Ride Forever course are 27 per cent less likely to submit a claim with ACC, than riders who haven’t completed a course. Almost 20,000 riders have been through Ride Forever since its 2009 launch. 

AA Driving School General Manager Roger Venn says the AA is thrilled to be a part of a programme,   which aims to reduce motorcycle accidents and save lives.

“Motorcycle and scooter riders are extremely vulnerable on the road from an injury perspective,” he says.

“No matter who is at fault in a crash, the rider is going to come off worse, so any kind of training that will make you a safer rider is an asset.”

Venn says the programme can be really helpful for experienced riders as well as beginners, including older riders who have taken up riding again and have bigger, more powerful bikes but whose skills may be a little rusty.  

ACC’s Motorcycle Programme Manager, David Keilty, says the response from the motorcycling community in New Zealand to Ride Forever on-road coaching has been exceptionally positive. 

“We’re working progressively towards making motorcycle coaching the norm for motorcyclists. Ride Forever’s success is a testament to the training providers we have around the country, and it’s great to now have the AA on board,” he says.

There are four on-road courses available, starting at $20 for a four-hour Urban/Commuter for new motorcycle/scooter riders, through to $50 for an eight-hour Gold course for experienced motorcycle riders who want to fine-tune their skills.

As well as on-road coaching, Ride Forever has online coaching and advice on choosing a motorcycle, buying protective gear, maintaining tyres, pillion riding, lane splitting and riding to conditions.

Riders can sign up for a Ride Forever course by visiting rideforever.co.nz. The AA also offers motorcycle training which can complement a Ride Forever course. 

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