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15 July 2022

AA brings its mobile EV charging breakdown vans to Auckland

AA is adding help for EV owners with the launch of two mobile EV charging Roadservice vans in Auckland.

22 June 2022

AA eagerly anticipates arrival of tyre recycling scheme

The AA is pleased that the country’s first tyre recycling scheme, Tyrewise, is set to get underway next year, and believes it will be revolutionary in terms of New Zealand’s sustainability efforts.

30 July 2021

AA’s first EV charging breakdown van celebrates 1st birthday

The AA’s first electric vehicle charging breakdown van has been on the road in Wellington for more than a year – giving EVs a boost at the roadside 2 to 3 times a month on average.

31 March 2021

AA Smartfuel launches tech solution for offsetting carbon emissions

AA Smartfuel has partnered with carbon offsetting company CarbonClick to make it simple for its 2.8 million customers to take measurable action on their carbon footprint.

28 January 2021

AA supports vehicle emissions standards but doubts remain over target

The AA is supportive of the Government’s announcements today to reduce transport emissions, but is concerned that the proposed targets may not be possible within the timeframe.

AAs new EV charging breakdown van

20 July 2020

AA launches mobile EV charger to help curb ‘range anxiety’

EV drivers in Wellington will be able to cast off worries about running out of juice with the AA launching its first mobile charging breakdown van. A new AA Battery Service van launched at an event attended by Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter and Wellington Mayor Andy Foster on Wellington waterfront this morning is hitting the road in Wellington this week fitted with a lightweight EV charger.

2 June 2020

AA wants ETS levy on fuel used to reduce transport emissions

The amendments to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) announced by the Government today need to also include spending the ETS levy on fuel for projects that help reduce transport emissions, says the NZ Automobile Association (AA).

5 May 2016

Electric vehicles package will increase choice for motorists

The AA welcomes the Minister of Transport’s announcement today of a package of initiatives to promote the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand.

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