Electric vehicles package will increase choice for motorists

5 May 2016

Electric vehicles package will increase choice for motorists

The AA welcomes the Minister of Transport’s announcement today of a package of initiatives to promote the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand.

“With our high level of renewable electricity, New Zealand is ideally suited to adopt electric vehicles,” says AA spokesperson Mark Stockdale.

“Other countries have led the way in introducing policies to speed the uptake of electric vehicles, and interest is mounting here so it’s good to see the government taking action to stimulate their growth,” Mr Stockdale says.

Mr Stockdale says AA surveys show 87 per cent of Members try to be environmentally responsible, while 37 per cent are very concerned about fuel prices.

“Electric vehicles offer a real alternative for people to help reduce their carbon footprint, while also saving them thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

“But there are few electric vehicles for sale in New Zealand and most AA Members say they know little about them. Twenty-five per percent of AA Members don’t even know that an electric car costs less to fuel than a conventional car,” Mr Stockdale says.

The publicity campaign the Government has announced today will help people understand the benefits electric vehicles have while Government and private sector bulk purchases would increase the supply of new and affordable used electric vehicles.

“Although the average motorist only commutes 28km a day, many AA Members have said they would be concerned about electric vehicle range, so it’s important that a co-ordinated nationwide network of charging stations is developed,” Mr Stockdale said.

“Currently nearly 80 per cent of all travel trips are taken by car, and encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles will give New Zealanders even more vehicle choices to match their lifestyle and budget, helping to preserve and expand our mobility options,” Mr Stockdale added.

For more information contact:

Mark Stockdale
Principal Advisor – Regulations
New Zealand Automobile Association
T. +64 4 931 9986
M. +64 21 434 097
E. [email protected]

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