AA Smartfuel discounts climb to $120 million this year

28 September 2018

AA Smartfuel discounts climb to $120 million this year

As fuel prices get set to climb again with the Government’s next excise tax increase, AA Smartfuel has seen a 26% jump to $120 million in fuel discounts earned by its cardholders over the past year.

AA Smartfuel has also seen a corresponding drop in volume per fill, with the noticeable exception of when cardholders redeem their accumulated AA Smartfuel discounts.

From next Monday motorists nationwide will see the next petrol tax hike of 3.5 cents a litre take effect, in what’s set to be the first of three annual excise increases.

AA Smartfuel Director Ian Sutcliffe says the rising price of petrol has fuelled increasing interest in the rewards programme.

“After just seven years since launching the programme, we now have more than 90% of New Zealand households registered with an AA Smartfuel card. When we first started the business, we went door to door knocking to get businesses on-board. Now you can earn fuel discounts at more than 1,300 AA Smartfuel partners nationwide, including BP, Caltex, Countdown and Contact Energy.

“We hear from our AA Smartfuel cardholders regularly and we’ve worked hard to bring partners on board that we know they would find most useful in terms of savings every day.”

AA Smartfuel believes as the price of gas has increased, cardholders have become smarter with the programme, Ian said.

“The litres purchased upon redemption have increased by 12%, clearly indicating that Kiwis are becoming savvier when it comes to saving on fuel.”

Kiwis know where to earn AA Smartfuel discounts and have realised that accumulating them gives them significant savings at the pump, Ian said.

“Once a cardholder sees their bill drop from say $75 to $20 dollars right in front of their eyes, they are hooked. 

“There are up to 5,000 Kiwis getting a free tank of gas every month with AA Smartfuel.”  

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