AA congratulates Government on a fantastic budget

On behalf of the New Zealand motorist, the AA congratulates the Government and Dr Cullen on today’s Budget. There is now more money being spent on transport than ever before and the benefits will be seen for years to come.

18 May 2006

AA congratulates Government on a fantastic budget

The Minister of Finance, Dr Michael Cullen, announced in the Budget today:

  • an additional $1.287 billion in transport funding over 5 years, $1.067 billion of which will be spent on State Highways;
  • the establishment of, and guaranteed funding for, a rolling 5-year plan for Transit New Zealand; and
  • that transport spending over the next five years will be $300 million more than the money collected by excise tax, road user charges and motor vehicle registration.

AA Motoring Policy General Manager Mike Noon says “the AA is delighted the government has provided an additional $1.3 billion of funding to improve the country’s transport infrastructure. Today’s Budget really is fantastic news for all New Zealand motorists.”

“Giving certainty for project funding for five years, instead of one, is an excellent innovation. We are also delighted that over the next five years more money will be invested in the transport programme than will be collected in excise taxes, registration fees and road user charges from motorists. We are thrilled to see our Members’ taxes being fully invested in the transport programme and in our roads.”

“New Zealand’s State Highway construction programme is also back on track – with regions across New Zealand benefiting from the additional government funding for Transit New Zealand.”

“Transit has just completed a very open and inclusive consultation process on its Draft State Highway 10-Year Forecast. Today’s announcements give the much needed funding surety for the construction programme. We can now look forward to the release next month of the finalised State Highway 10-Year Forecast – one that is up-to-date following the consultation process and well funded.”

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