New Auckland transport package a welcome prospect

The AA welcomes the prospect of increased Central Government investment in Auckland transport infrastructure, and says that an early start on key projects is vital if Auckland is to keep ahead of the growth curve.  

4 August 2017

New Auckland transport package a welcome prospect

Though details are yet to be revealed, the Government has indicated a multi-billion dollar package to increase funding to a range of major projects across the city over the next decade, and to help bring projects like the Northwestern Busway and Mill Road forward.  

AA Principal Advisor – Infrastructure Barney Irvine says that a renewed government commitment to Auckland would be very well received by the city’s transport users.  

“Congestion has become a noose around the city’s neck, and the scary thing is that it’s predicted to get a lot worse before it gets better,” he says. 

“Aucklanders are desperate for some good news, and some concrete signs of progress.” 

Mr Irvine says the projects likely to be included in the package were game-changers, in terms of providing transport connections to new growth areas and providing a genuine public transport alternative.  

He adds that a package along these lines would bring much-needed certainty to the discussion around Auckland’s funding gap.  

“Hopefully from here we can have a much more sensible discussion about how much Auckland needs to pay, and how the city’s going to do it,” he says.  


For more information contact:

Barney Irvine
AA Principal Advisor – Infrastructure
New Zealand Automobile Association
M. +64 27 839 9309

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