Safe and sensible decision made on Transmission Gully tolling

29 August 2019

Safe and sensible decision made on Transmission Gully tolling

NZTA has made a good call to not toll Transmission Gully, says the Automobile Association.

It was announced today that, after careful consideration, the agency had decided not to put a toll on the 27km new highway north of Wellington due to open in 2020.

“Tolling Transmission Gully was a debateable point but the AA thinks the best decision for safety and efficiency has been made,” says AA Motoring Affairs General Manager Mike Noon.

“NZTA has gone through a thorough process and it is great that they have now made a clear decision so that everyone can look forward to the new road with certainty.”

The major risk the AA saw in tolling was that it could result in a substantial number of vehicles continuing to use the current highway, which has some higher-risk sections and also goes through the urban areas of Mana, Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki.

“Communities have been waiting decades for this road and the whole purpose is to have all the traffic travelling between Wellington and Kapiti or beyond using a modern, safe, high-quality highway.

“It’s going to reduce crash risks, provide more resilience in the event of a major emergency and also end the congestion that regularly chokes up the communities between Mana and Paraparaumu.”

For more information contact:

Mike Noon
General Manager Motoring Affairs
New Zealand Automobile Association
T. 04 931 9984
M. 021 659 704
E. [email protected] 

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