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14 December 2021

Keep calm and carry on (on the roads out of Auckland) - AA

The AA is urging motorists crossing the Auckland border on the 15th or over the weekend to be patient and allow plenty of time to get to their destination as the roads are expected to be busy.

12 November 2020

AA congestion data shows impact of Harbour Bridge shut-down

A ‘freak’ gust of wind and a truck being caught in precisely the wrong place at precisely the wrong time resulted in a two-week-long traffic headache for many Aucklanders, but AA congestion data suggests the impact could have been a lot worse had traffic been at pre-Covid levels.

21 April 2016

Long weekend traffic nightmares avoidable says AA Traveller

You’ve booked the rooms, figured out the activities and know where you’re eating this long weekend, but how will you avoid the frustratingly slow holiday traffic?

19 June 2013

Wintry conditions to make roads treacherous

As a fierce cold snap bears down on the country, the AA urges motorists to check road conditions before travelling and to avoid driving in snowy or stormy weather.

14 June 2013

Emergency response information available on AA Roadwatch platform

As people increasingly turn to social media and other web-based sources for fast facts and rich information, accuracy can be left wanting.

31 March 2011

Traffic travel time information service launched for New Zealand

The AA has launched New Zealand’s leading traffic travel time information service.

22 December 2010

Traffic flow and congestion information launched for New Zealand

The service provides motorists with information on traffic flows and congestion for all state highways and arterial roads across New Zealand. It is updated every five minutes using data collected from thousands of vehicles around the country.

26 May 2010

Motorists warned to take care as winter traffic incidents soar

AA Traffic spokesman, Phil Allen, says the website currently has 840 identified incidents, including floods, slips, road closures and roadworks.

8 March 2010

AA Traffic alerts drivers to Dome Valley fire

Phil Allen, AA Traffic spokesperson says "this is a classic example of a serious incident that impacted on a very large number of motorists on Sunday. State Highway One was closed due to poor visibility from the smoke and this caused serious disruption to traffic. As soon as we received information from the authorities, we were able to quickly identify the location and warn motorists away from the area."

21 January 2010

AA supports NZTA decision to 'call-in' Waterview Connection

The AA is supporting the New Zealand Transport Agency's decision to 'call-in' Waterview Connection and ensure the motorway's consenting process is undertaken within a reasonable time period.

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