The Frontal Lobe Project

Waikato University and the AA Driver Education Foundation are conducting a world first study on young driver behaviour focusing on frontal lobe brain development - the final Phase 1 report is now available.

Phase one

Phase one of the study involved 37 participants located at Taupo during 2006. Participants used high tech equipment such as an eye-tracking device and a fully instrumented car as well as video based real world simulations, road commentary, self evaluation, coaching and peer teaching.

The study demonstrated changes in short-term behaviour which would have contributed to the safety of these young drivers and other road users they encountered.

Final report now available 

The phase one final report 'Frontal Lobe Project: Evaluating the effectiveness of higher level driving skills training' is available now on the Waikato University website.

Phase two

Phase two of the project is expected to proceed when resources allow. In phase two, the participant's unsafe traffic incidents such as near misses, fines, crashes and violations will be electronically monitored for six months to determine long-term changes in behaviour.

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