AA Wanganui District Council

The AA’s Wanganui District Council is focussed on issues affecting AA Members in the wider Wanganui region.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Resealing on State Highways

In 2013 the AA voiced concerns about significant chip pickup on vehicles passing through “two-coat” resealing sites on the State Highway network in the central North Island region. The “picked up” sealing chip not only caused damage to brakes but to windscreens and paintwork when flying free of vehicles that were clear of the speed restricted resealing sites. As a result of AA’s concerns, The Transport Agency issued a bulletin to its contractors highlighting the issue of chip pickup and how that might be mitigated. The AA was keen to follow this issue into the 2014 resealing season to gauge the effectiveness of any methodology changes and have since observed two “two-coat” resealing operations in the central North Island area. In both cases the adverse effect on vehicles was minimal compared to the 2013 season.

The AA is pleased to note that the work carried out by The Transport Agency's engineers with their contractors on this particular issue appears to be have produced obvious and positive results for motorists. The AA District Council is involved in a wide range of motoring issues in the region. However, particular attention is being given to the Desert Road section of State Highway One and the number of low speed sharp corners that cause driving challenges, especially north of the summit. The Council is engaging with The Transport Agency and Environment Waikato on this issue.

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • John Unsworth (Chairman & National Councillor)
  • Lyndsay Tait (Board Member)
  • Russell Cameron
  • Errol Christiansen
  • Roger Coles
  • Glenda Leitao
  • Graham Robinson
  • Sumita Rhodes
  • Ian Ioader

Contacts for AA Members

Wanganui AA Centre

This wider Wanganui region means:

  • Southern boundary - the Bulls side of the Rangitikei River
  • Northern boundary - the summit of the SH1 Desert Road and across to the Kuripapango River
  • Western boundary - the Whanuakura River north of Waverley
  • Eastern boundary - the western side of the Pohangina River east of Feilding

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