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I was wondering if you can explain the significance of mileage when it comes to car ownership and selling.

I have an early 2000 Ford Focus and the mileage is currently 55,563km's.

What would be considered high mileage on a vehicle of this age?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 19 May, 2010


On average the Kiwi motorist travels approximately 14,000kms per year so in theory a 2000YM vehicle like yours could have up to 155,000km's recorded on the odometer which would be considered acceptable.

By my calculations your annual usage is only around 5,000kms.

In theory, the lower the kilometres the higher the market value because of less wear and tear etc.

More modern cars however often have better features in regards to safety, performance, comfort and convenience so the price premium an older low mileage car can demand does have its limits.