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I've always wanted to own an old 1970's Honda Civic and was wanting to get some feedback on the reliability of these cars, and any potential repair costs.

The cars are cheap enough to buy, and my theory is that because it's a Civic, there should be plenty of parts around should anything go wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.


from the "Ask Jack" archives - 16 April, 2010


They are a very cheap car to run and fast moving parts should be plentiful however, items such as door and boot seals or interior/exterior trim could be a lot more difficult.

Your biggest challenge is to try and find one with no (almost impossible) or little rust. This is the biggest killer for these vehicles as corrosion was a problem not long after production.

It would pay to have a panel beater inspect any car you find before you commit to purchase. If there are rust issues, always ask what the costs would be to repair the car to Warrant of Fitness and long term standards.

Also be aware cars of this age lack all the modern safety features such as airbags, anti locking brakes and decent seat belts to name a few.

Neat cars all the same.