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Hi there, We are looking at purchasing a Suzuki Swift but want to buy a safe model. The advice on RightCar says 2017 models and newer are 5 star rated but when I look on TradeMe there is conflicting information. For example some 2017 models have 1 star ratings while others have 5 stars. I even found a 2018 with a 1 star rating ( Should I trust the rating given on the Trade Me listing and why is there such a big difference.


Hi there,
The reason being is that there are two sources of Swift, NZ new and used import domestic models from Japan. NZ new models can have the specs, and safety features chosen by the NZ distributor and they receive ANCAP crash test safety ratings. Used imports don't have the same rating source- UCSR which is where the Trade me ratings are sourced from.
Rightcar shows 5-stars for the NZ new 2017-2020 model Swift and 1-star for the same year import.