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For years I have had a long term love for VW Beetles!!!

We are currently in the process of trading in our Ford Territory as it is simply too expensive for town driving and we don't go out of town enough to justify having it.

We are wanting something economical and safe and can go up to $20,000.

I was wondering your thoughts on a 2006 VW Beetle 2ltre 35,000kms 5 speed manual? I had heard that the beetle has the same engine as a Golf.


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 9 December 2009


I can understand your reasons for the downsize in vehicles, but going from a Territory to a VW Beetle is certainly moving from one extreme to another.

The Beetle is similar to the Mini in that it has some nostalgia attached to it which tends to pump the prices higher than other more practical similar sized vehicles. Often the driving experience and novelty of these types of vehicles soon wears off and they can be harder to sell than you imagine (especially manuals with the preference for automatics in general these days).

Yes, the Beetle is based on the Golf platform and like most Euro's history would suggest running costs are likely to be higher than mainstream Japanese vehicles. Being a manual however does reduce risk considerably.

I'm not saying don't buy a Beetle, more strongly suggesting you make sure it will meet all your needs before you commit. I would also look for a NZ new example with a proven service history.