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I am in the process of upgrading our old 1992 farm utility and have the opportunity to purchase an ex lease 2005 Toyota 4wd diesel ute which has 147,000km's on the clock.

I know the service history, which is good, but am wondering if the km's are too high or does this not really matter these days?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 20 September 2009


Toyota have a very good reputation for reliability and provided the service history is good (regular engine oil and filter changes) then the risks are reasonably low.

Much would depend on the environment the vehicle has been exposed to however. Harsh conditions are always going to have an effect on suspension and driveline components.

It is staggering the way these vehicles hold their prices even with reasonably high odometer readings.

You need to have an open mind with this sort of vehicle, the chances are no major problems will surface in the short term but then again they might and you have to accept it.