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Hi, I am planning to get the brand new Mazda CX-5. It comes in 2.0L petrol, 2.5L petrol and 2.2L diesel. I highways traveling during the weekends,probably 200km. For the past 3 years with my Mazda 3, I have done roughly 30,000km mileage. I am looking for a more fuel efficient option. I don't tow trailers but during winter season, I do travel up the mountains to ski. I am not sure whether the diesel or petrol option would benefit me in the long run considering diesel has an on road tax to be paid. Thank you.


Hi there,
The overall running cost in figures between the 2.5P and the 2.2D is a few cents/km leaning in favour of the petrol, while naturally the 2.0ltr is even cheaper to run.
However the Diesel will go further on a tank of fuel and may even be a smoother and quieter ride.