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I have a 1997 V8 5-litre Holden Statesman.

Is it OK to use the Gull Force 10, 98 octane ethanol blended fuel in this vehicle or, will this fuel ultimately cause damage to the vehicles engine and/or fuel system?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 14 December 2009


We all need to be guided by the manufacturers recommendations for each and every make and model on our roads to answer this question.

Holden are saying your vehicle is fine to use this fuel - refer to the AA recommended list.

Water or condensation in the fuel tank is one of the issues when mixing ethanol with petrol as you can get what is called phase separation due to the ethanol only able to absorb so much water.

For this reason it is recommended the first fill with a ethanol blended fuel is the biggest possible so any water can be absorbed without any problems.

I'm lead to believe from reliable sources that Gull have had no reported issues since releasing the 10% mix.