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I am considering buying a Land Rover and wondered whether you can shed any light on the estimated fuel consumption of three models for comparison purposes?

The vehicles are as follows:

1975 Land Rover, SWB, petrol, lots of Km's, 4 cylinder, 2286cc, Manual, 4WD

1985 Land Rover, LWB, petrol, 150,000 km's, 8 cylinder, 3500cc, Manual, 4WD

Discovery 300 TDi, diesel, 1995, 300,000 + Km's, 4 cylinder, 2500cc, Automatic, 4WD

Any advice you can offer with regard to fuel consumption and or maintenance concerns would be greatly appreciated.


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 14 December 2009


We have no fuel consumption data for comparison purposes.

I believe the diesel will offer the best fuel consumption in comparison to the two petrol models if it's any help, but it could also cost a heap more to keep on the road.

The eight cylinder petrol vehicle could have consumption in excess of 18 litres per 100kms depending on how and where it is driven.

To be honest the fuel costs may be insignificant to the overall running costs you could experience with any of these vehicles.

They all have the potential to cost you plenty. Not a brand known for their reliability particularly at the age and km's you are quoting.