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Why does my registration cost more for my diesel Toyota Hilux ute than my diesel Ford Transit van?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 13 January, 2009


I assume that both vehicles are for private use (category 1) and are class NA (vehicles manufactured primarily for the carriage of goods ). If so, they should both have the same annual licence fee which is currently $389.45.

If however one of the vehicles has a GVM (gross vehicle mass) of over 3500kgs then the annual registration fee would be $399.95.

There are a number of circumstances where the fee can differ. When you look at the schedule of Motor Vehicle licensing Fees (MR37), there are 9 pages of licence fee variations.

The fee could also vary according to when your annual licences expire as the levies increased in July, so if you re-licensed one vehicle after that it would have cost more than the other.

If you are in doubt, I suggest you contact the Transport Registry Centre (TRC) on 0800 108 809 and give them the vehicle details. They will be able to confirm (or not) if the vehicles have the correct fee schedule.