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We've just paid a deposit on a 2012 car (1 owner, NZ New, 30km on the clock). It is from a reputable dealer and we were told that it had a full service history so went ahead and signed a purchase agreement for $14.5k (paid a $5000 deposit).

When we took the car for a drive and found the log book and it only had one service listed by the dealer. At the time of purchase we forgot to ask about the rest of the services so I text the dealer as we wanted the history for future sales and peace of mind and as we were told it had it. He has come back and said "the previous owner is a retired mechanice who undertook the servicing every 10000kms himself as per Hondas procedures." The dealer has said it will have a "fresh service" before collection also. The dealer we have purchased off is not an authorised dealer for this make of car.

So we had couple of questions around this:
1. Should we be concerned about it?
2. Is this grounds for a further discount or anything like that?
Thank you in advance.


Hi there,
At just 30k on the clock, there would not be a lot of servicing items (bar oil and filter) that I would expect to have carried out just yet. If the vehicle condition inside and out, reflects that it has been serviced, you may not encounter any problems.


Thanks for the information. Thinking about it, my biggest concern is around the transmission servicing - I guess I wanted to have a set schedule and this makes it a bit unknown. Cheers.