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Hi, Help please. We bought a Ford Transit Motorhome from a very reputable dealer a year ago. The van came with a one year warranty that the dealer has stood by, however we have had on going issues all year.
The van had been fully resprayed before we bought it and very quickly rust started appearing in various places on the van. We took it back after 3 months and they got it repaired (drivers A pillar), a few months later it showed up again so we took it back (also to fix other issues). They repaired it again but were told by them it was extensive and they would fix it properly. We got the van back and then a few months later noticed more rust (passenger B pillar and footwell), we have taken it back again and been told it is extensive again.
We are still within warranty period (end Oct 19) and have, lost use of the van for 3 months during repairs.
My concern is that the condition of the van was misrepresented and all this rust was covered up during the respray and will keep coming out (rust never sleeps).
What are our legal rights?
Can I demand they take it back?
I fear they will try to railroad us into taking it back and we will be stuck with a van that will cost us a fortune.


Hi there,
If the dealer has been offering remedies throughout the process then they are fulfilling their obligations under the CGA. Where it gets difficult is when they decide enough is enough and cease giving assistance, or won't honour any ongoing repairs after warranty expires. You must decide what your remedy outcome will be and propose it, if an agreement is not reached then the only mediator is found in the Disputes Tribunal.