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It would appear to be common knowledge that mopeds cannot be ridden on the motorway or the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Despite this I have found no rule in the road code or reference to this in information provided with registration.

Does this rule exist and if so where can it be found?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 18 October, 2010


A moped is restricted to a specific engine output of 2kW or less and a maximum top speed of 50km/h so by default it cannot be driven on a motorway as it places both the rider and other road users in danger.

You are correct however when you say it is very hard to find this rule.

The comments below are taken from the Land Transport (Road User) rule which covers the vehicles (including mopeds) which should not be driven on a motorway.


- A driver must not enter a motorway except at an opportunity and at a speed that will place the driver correctly in the stream of traffic without danger to any other user of the motorway.
- A driver must not stop or park on a motorway except in an area set aside and indicated by a traffic sign as a parking area.
- A driver must not drive in an emergency stopping lane unless—
- the driver needs to drive in it to avoid a collision or to stop in an emergency; or
- the driver's vehicle is disabled; or
- a sign at the entrance to the lane indicates vehicles of a specified class or classes may use the lane during the time specified on the sign and the driver is operating a vehicle of that specified class or one of those specified classes.
- A driver must not reverse or make a U-turn on a motorway.
- Bullet point 1 would also apply to the Auckland Harbour Bridge.


I would suggest that driving over the Auckland Bridge between 7am and 8.45am would pose no problem for speed!!

I too have been searching for a legal reference and have also phone the land transport authority, no one has any legal reference to not being on the motorway.