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Hi there,

Last year, I bought a car from 2006 from a respectable dealer, with 6 months warranty and a new 12-month WOF. During that time I had a lot going on (moving house + new job) so I didn't actually check the WOF-sticker, assuming they would deliver what they promised in writing.

To my surprise, after a service check by my mechanic, I found out the WOF was due to expire 6 months too soon. But then the lockdown happened, so I didn't get to it until 4 months later. To my surprise, the car failed miserably and it was going to cost $1200 to repair.

After talking to the dealer they offered to pay half because they failed to provide me with the 12-month WOF as promised, but don't want to pay for the whole repairs because according to them it's wear and tear (ABS pump replacement) and that's not covered by their warranty (which was expired anyway).

I feel they are bluffing, and are trying to make this go away for half the price, but I think that if they promised me 12-month WOF when they sold me the car, that's what they owe me.

What do you think my chances are when taking it to the small claims tribunal?


Hi there,
The best information on your consumer rights and how to deal with a car dealer can be found here:
This will give an insight in the process and what to do if you are not satisfied with the dealers remedy/offer.