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Hi there I just wanted to run something by you as an incident happened this week that we feel could have been avoided with clear information. We unfortunately broke down in Christchurch on Wednesday after driving from Oamaru that morning. We luckily had purchased our AA plus membership a week or so previous. We were so relieved as we had been informed that if we broke down the vehicle would be towed to a garage of our choice or home address. As the vehicle was not able to be fixed we agreed to have it towed back to Oamaru which we thought was the best option all round as we needed to get back for work the following day. We were then informed by phone that we would have to pay an additional $195.20 to get the vehicle towed back to Oamaru. I nearly fell over, this turned an already stressful day into a nightmare. We had no choice but to do this and we had to borrow the money off friends when returning to Oamaru. Now when we purchase the membership this was not mentioned that we would only be towed up to a distance value of $800 and that anything more than that would have to be paid by us. I really feel as though we were miss sold this policy and don't feel as though we have been treated like any kind of plus or premium member. Also when we questioned why it would cost a total of $1000 to tow our car from Christchurch to Oamaru we had a reply of that's the only firm we can find at this time to tow your vehicle. So overall I a, really not impressed and I think this could have been avoided with clear information when selling memberships.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for your query, I have passed it on to membership and they will hopefully be in touch soon.