Toyota Voxy 2005

  • Make Toyota
  • Model Voxy
  • Year 2005
  • Colour Grey
  • Odometer 139000
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Doors 5 Door
  • Fuel type Petrol
  • Body Van and Minivan
  • Area Wellington

Available NOW in Wellington area

This is a self-contained van with a slide-out bed. Description below.

??Mechanical details:

Toyota Voxy 2005

Automatic transmission


Currently km (will be sold with slightly more)

~ 160 hp


Front wheel drive

Wof September 2020

Rego 29 February (renew in any Post-Shop, ~12$/month)

Certified self-contained until October 2023 (for 2 people)

Electric windows, mirrors and doors

Reverse camera - very handy if you are not used to driving a big car

Very strong AC and heating


Sports/Boost mode

Bluetooth and CD-Player

New battery, brake pads and front wheels in September

The vehicle is in top condition as also stated by the full (comprehensive) pre-purchase inspection I got done by VTNZ on the 22 Oct 2019 (before I bought the van). They check the interior, exterior, mechanical and structural condition of the car.
You are welcome to see the report at the car viewing.

??Also includes:

2 person slide-out bed

Heaps of storage space

Little kitchenette with sink, running water, chilly bin and shelf with everything that you need for camping (pots, pan, cutlery, bowls, plates, cups, food storage containers, etc.)

Gas cooker

Flush-toilet with hand pump (much more pleasant to clean than the chemical ones)

Camping table and chairs

2 tents (both 2 person. One crappy warehouse one, one proper one)

Sleeping mat


Storage containers

Car cleaning kit

Various basic building tools, including an electric hand drill

Window panels

phone mount


After three months of travelling, it is time to pass Voxy on.

She started to be used as a backpackers van in february 2019. The previous owners were the 1st generation of backpackers and built in the bed. I added in the kitchenette and made her self-contained, after I bought her in the end of october.

Unlike older campervans, Voxy has the engine located up front (and not under the seat). This gives her space for more horsepower and better engine cooling, so you will fly up the mountains, passing the older, crawling and overheating vans. Put in the sports and/or boost mode and you will completely leave them in the dust!

The biggest selling point is the top mechanical and structural condition of the car, as proven by the comprehensive pre-purchase inspection I got done three months ago. Also, this model of van and Toyotas in general are well known for their reliability, easy maintenance and repairing and cheap parts. You can drive this car without running into mechanical issues and sell it to the price you bought it, making it a smart investment.

The bed slides in half way, leaving the space, where the first row of back seats used to be, free. This gives you enough room to transport bigger objects or to hang out in the van if the weather is too bad.

Voxy also comes with easy to install and remove window panels. They make the windows look strongly tinted from the outside and obscouring you and your belonings inside. They also insulate to keep the cold out and the heat in or to slow down the heating up process, when Voxy is parked in the sun.

The kitchenette in the thrunk has everything you need, including a sink, running water and a chilly bin. Since there is no big shelf taking up the space over it, you can use the sink from the comfort of the bed (really handy for brushing teeth if you ask me). Also, you can comfortably look out the back through the mirror when driving. Although not made for it, you could also use the gas cooker from the bed, as I have done on rainy days. Just make sure you open a window a bit to let in oxygen.

Selling for NZD $7900 or equivalent in EUR €.

Please message me at my E-Mail address or at +64 22 1991787 if you are interested in viewing or if you have any questions.

Seller's details

  • Private seller
  • Paraparaumu
  • Wellington

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