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If you have a dead battery, we'll come to your boat ramp or dock (in most areas) and fit a new AA Marine or Deep Cycle battery. Our batteries are built to meet strict marine standards, have increased cycling and cranking power capability as well as a long storage life.


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Prices may vary. AA Battery Service covers the metropolitan Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch areas as well as throughout the country by our regional contractor network.

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Why a marine battery

Our batteries are specifically built for rough sea conditions and have high CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) ratings and a high reserve capacity.

Instead of providing high bursts of power for short periods like an automotive battery does, marine and deep cycle batteries are specially designed to deliver sustained power with low current draw over extended periods of time. They are designed to have a long storage life.

Compared to automotive batteries, AA Deep Cycle batteries are constructed using thicker battery plates. The active material is denser to withstand repeated charge and recharge cycles.

We recycle your old battery

When we remove your old battery, it's taken away to be recycled. Up to 96% of the battery is recyclable. The lead inside the battery is melted down and reused, plastic cases are recycled into new cases and the battery electrolyte is separated into water and acid.

Benefits of marine and boat batteries

  • Advanced maintenance free technology offering longer storage life, season after season
  • New Zealand-wide warranty up to 2 years
  • Dual terminal connection which allows easy connection of accessories
  • Increased durability of internal plates and high density paste: decreases the risk of vibration damaging the battery internals
  • Magic eye indicator so it’s easy to check state-of-charge
  • Envelope separator preventing internal-short between positive and negative plates
  • Fully sealed container prevents acid spill-out and contamination

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