Auto glass explained

Auto glass looks and feels like regular glass used in your windows at home, but it's substantially different. It's designed and manufactured with safety in mind; works with your vehicle’s structure, can include rain and light sensors, and other safety features to keep occupants as safe as possible.

Different types of auto glass

Laminated auto glass

Typically used for vehicle windscreens. Laminated auto glass is created by fusing a layer of film between two panes of glass using heat and pressure to make auto glass stronger than house glass, with different shattering properties. The film allows the laminated auto glass to absorb impacts from objects that strike the windshield It also filters out 95% of UV rays from the sun.

Tempered auto glass

Typically used for vehicle side and rear windows. When tempered auto glass breaks, it shatters into smaller pieces that are not sharp and cause less damage to the vehicles occupants than regular glass shards.

Cleaning your car's windscreen

Cleaning your car's windscreen is one of the easiest and most important car care jobs you can do yourself. A dirty windscreen can be a serious safety hazard.

DIY Professional windscreen cleaning 

How to clean your windscreen like a pro: 

  1. Wipe down the interior windscreen with a dry microfiber cloth. Spray the entire surface of the interior with an automotive glass cleaner available at any car parts store and some petrol stations.
  2. Use the clean side of your cloth to wipe the windscreen all around the top edges. This prevents dirt stuck in the area from travelling down the glass after you've cleaned it.
  3. Switching to a clean cloth, spray the inside edges of the windscreen again and wipe them down. Now wipe the remaining middle section of the glass, spraying with more glass cleaner as necessary. Give the glass a final wipe over with a clean, dry cloth.
  4. On the outside wipe off one side of the exterior windscreen with a cloth. Spray the area with the glass cleaner and wash it off with a hose. Dry with a clean, lint free towel and then do the other side of the windscreen

Here’s a handy tip: Pour a little white vinegar onto a clean lint free cloth. Wipe over the interior and exterior windscreen with the vinegar to clarify the glass and make it sparkling clean.

If you notice a chip, scratch or crack in any of your car’s auto glass book online with AA Auto Glass or call 0800 300 120.

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