An exciting innovation in road safety  started In the small town of Ísafjörður, Iceland.

A 3D cleverly-detailed, optical illusion new pedestrian crossing has been painted and it looks amazing! This 3D zebra crossing is painted to slow down speeding cars.

The design, which took a few weeks to complete, makes it appear as if the zebra crossing is shifting depending where you observe it from. From above the white lines look like columns but at ground level they look like they’re hovering.

This exciting development gives pedestrians the feeling of walking on air, additionally, it gets the attention of drivers, who will be sure to reduce their speed once they detect the hovering ‘zebra stripes.’

The Icelandic environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla implemented the innovation in Ísafjörður after spotting a similar project in New Delhi India. With the aid of street painting company Vegmálun GÍH, they have been able to make his dream a reality.

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