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Audi tease the arrival of their 2017 Q2

The most fully customisable Audi to date is about to grace our shores and we had the privilege of grabbing a sneak peak of a left hand drive pre-production display model that had arrived straight from Germany. While not the same spec as the first model that's destined for NZ, it still gave us a good idea of what to expect once the NZ-spec vehicles arrive and so we thought we'd give you a few tasters of what to expect.

The Q2 offers a wide range of trim and colour options that will allow owners to customise the vehicle - inside and out – to either suit their conservative tastes or show off their wild side. It's all very much in keeping with Audi’s Q2 moniker - Basically unmistakable' and, considering the c-pillar 'blade' panel provides 11 body colour and 4 contrasting options alone, it's a safe bet that you can leverage your creative flair to make sure that your Q2 will stand out from the next.

A new polygon exterior design also shows off the abilities of Audi's new design engineer, and offers some insight into the look that we can expect for future models.

While this kind of visual treatment may well appeal to a younger demographic who want to stand out in the crowd, the fact remains that the Q2 completes Audi's Q SUV range, nestling in nicely between the A1 and A3 models. SUVs are often a more practical purchase for those with families or people who head out of the city frequently but they're fast becoming a go-to choice for many motorists, lifestyle markers aside. The market that the Q2 will most likely find itself appealing to could cover anyone – as long as they have pockets deep enough to afford the $54,500 price tag.

Audi is no stranger to offering plenty of add-on packages and, if you want to further enhance the already hi-spec standard sports model, there are a few options to select including the Tech pack ($3,500), S-line ($4,500) and Driver assistance packages ($3,000), to name a few.

The new Q2 will arrive in New Zealand in early 2017. Take a look at the video of the European model below.

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