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Eight Spring Shopping Spree items to consider for your car

As we head into spring it’s probably time to grab a few spring essentials for your car to ensure that you’re prepared for what the next season throws at you. We’re sure you are all glad to be seeing the back of winter.

An Umbrella

Don't get caught off guard by a sudden storm! Always keep an umbrella- remember as the song from the popular Kiwi band Crowded House are famous for - there really can be four seasons in one day. So it pays to always keep an umbrella handy for that unexpected downpour, especially handy for that impromptu trip to the farmers’ market. The AA have a handy umbrella to help you stay dry, perfect for those sudden spring downpours – the AA Vented Umbrella. This handy umbrella has vents which allow the wind to pass through so that it doesn’t turn inside out. You can find this umbrella online at the AA Shop.

Umbrella 1000x1000 3

Air Freshener

Over winter your vehicle has probably seen its fair share of wet and muddy shoes, not to mention added moisture from gusty showers through the windows. A vehicle air freshener in combination with a damp rid product will help to freshen up the interior, and spring is the perfect time to air out your car. AA Motoring also have a variety of Fresheners that have been designed using specially selected scents. They provide long lasting, refreshing scent to any vehicle. These can also be found online at AA Shop.

AA Air Freshener Range

Handy box of tissues and Hayfever relief

These handy items could be an essential for those susceptible to spring time allergies. Sometimes we can underestimate the power of pollen as we head into spring and nobody likes getting caught out in the middle of a road trip with a runny nose issue. While it always pays to keep a supply of Non-Drowsy Hayfever handy in your car, make sure it is always stored somewhere safe and out of reach of small children.

Cleaning that Cabin Air Filter

There are also other items you can buy to assist in clearing the air in your car. The majority of modern vehicles are fitted with a Cabin Air Filter, this removes dust, pollens and odours from the air going into the passenger compartment. Often the Cabin Air Filter can be forgotten about but is very important when it comes to the quality of the air in the cabin. Some vehicles are easier to fit these filters in than others. If it’s one of the more complex arrangements it’s probably best to include as part of your annual spring service. Additionally a blocked Cabin Air Filter will also reduce air flow into the cabin and the effectiveness of heating and air conditioning in the vehicle. As part of the AA Auto Centre AA Gold Service™ your technician will check the Cabin Air Filter.

Vehicle Spring Service

Over the winter months a vehicle works even harder to protect you from the elements. You may have really pushed your vehicle over winter, such as when you went on that big family trip to the snow where your vehicle would have faced a hard trip up and down the mountains. In the event of such vehicle use the engine is subjected to very cold conditions on start-up, and of course depending on where you have been driving you may have encountered surface flooding and landslips adding extra strain on the vehicles steering and suspension componentry. A spring vehicle service will give you peace of mind as you venture out on the long overdue road trip and also avoid the summer servicing rush before Christmas.

Vehicle Spring Clean

Not only can your vehicle suffer maintenance wear and tear of the winter months, your vehicle can also get quite dirty, especially with leaf litter that gathers in the drainage channelling. This should really be cleaned off before too long as if it is left for a prolonged period it can cause corrosion and problems around the small gaps in the exterior. A good tactic for tackling these areas is to go to a shop where you can hire cleaning equipment like a Washworld, these professional cleaning tools like water blasters can make deep cleaning easier. You might also want to invest in a wash and waxing product too to protect your paint work as you head into summer. We recommend using an AA Motoring Premium Car Wash Pack, which sets you up with everything you need to ensure the inside and outside of your car is clean, sparkling and tidy. You can purchase this item online at AA Shop.

Car Kit bundle 3

Quality Sunglasses

With winter finally over you will suddenly find yourself driving in conditions with harsher sun coming into the vehicle and possibly late afternoon sunstrike. A set of good quality polarized sunglasses for you and your partner kept in the car will help you deal with glare and maintain your vision while driving, shielding your eyes from the long awaited glorious rays of sun.

AA Membership

Venturing further afield can also mean getting stuck out of town or perhaps locked out of your car during your spring holiday break. Don’t forget the AA are here to help so keep your AA Membership card on hand.

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