evworld NZ is New Zealand’s first ever electric vehicles showcase. The September 9 expo at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau will bring together the entire EV ecosystem where you can get the opportunity to meet EV experts, regulators, manufacturers and distributors. 

On site, there will be EV charging for existing owners and a range of electric vehicles for those who are wanting to try them out for themselves. 

There will also be free seminars that offer the ‘EV curious’ the opportunity to have all their questions answered – focusing on some of the myths about EV ownership. 

While the first EVs weren’t the best looking cars in the world, the new Tesla model X and BMW i8 may well be enough to turn the heads of the most dedicated petrol drivers. Manufacturers such as Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault, Mercedes, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Audi and Volvo all have hybrid or fully electric vehicles showing that EVs aren’t just the current trend, but a big part of the transport future. 

While new EVs don’t come cheap, you can currently pick up a 2011 Nissan leaf for about $11,000 on TradeMe and it’s realistic to expect more competitive pricing for new models as more enter the market. Analysts believe that electric cars will be cheaper to own than petrol cars by 2022 and some have even predicted that by as soon as 2025, petrol cars will be obsolete, so the move to a fully electric fleet may not be a choice. 

And, if you’re not quite ready for an EV, start-ups like Mevo and Yoogo are working on an electric car sharing app that means you can have the premium luxury of the latest model Audi EV, without the initial investment. 

To find out more about evworld NZ and to pre-register, head to the official website.

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