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Five ways to extend the life of your car

Buying a car can be like entering into a new relationship. You pick up the keys and drive the car home blissfully happy in each other’s company. You motor through years of driving until slowly cracks begin to appear. Things in the car need fixing but they don’t get picked up until it is too late and you are left broken down on the side of the road wondering what went wrong.

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? Like a relationship, the more attention you show your car, the more you will get out of it and the better it will perform. So to help ensure that relationship runs smoothly and doesn’t hit any speed bumps, here are the top five ways to extend the life of your car

1. Listen

One of the fundamentals of any relationship is the ability to communicate. Your car, especially if it’s a later model, will have a number of ways it will tell you something needs attention. There may be warning symbols on the dashboard or chimes going off demanding your attention. If the engine oil light comes on then don’t drive around for weeks before you attend to it. Likewise if you hear an odd sound every time you get behind the wheel, then get it seen to, the earlier the better. It’s your car telling you something is up so pay attention to it.

2. Service

There is a reason this piece of advice is given to everyone who owns a car. Getting your car serviced by a professional is arguably the most important thing you can do for it.
A basic service will check the essentials – oil, brake fluid, batteries among others. Most workshops and dealers will offer more comprehensive services. It’s like taking your car to the doctor for a check-up, a regular service will keep it running for longer and make it easier to sell in the future.

3. Love

Lavishing a bit of attention on your car will go a long way to ensuring the relationship runs smoothly. It doesn’t have to be done religiously, but if your car is looking a little worse for wear, then get out the sponge and give it a clean. While you’re at it, vacuum the inside and throw out all that rubbish that has been collecting inside. Your car will look better and you won’t feel like you’re driving around in a dustbin on wheels.

4. Spend

While there might be times when your car seems like a bottomless money pit, there are occasions when it is worth splashing out. If it needs new oil then buy decent oil, not the cheapest option. Take it to a qualified mechanic or dealer if it needs repairing. Buy quality tyres, they will last longer and will be safer on the road. It might seem like you are constantly forking out money on your car, but there are a few things that are worth not scrimping on.

5. Drive

Your car doesn’t want to be stuck on the driveway gathering dust, hoping that one day you will pick up the keys and take it for a spin. It wants to be driven and enjoyed. Taking your car out on the open road is good for it and it will rekindle why you both got together in the first place. Plus it is good for your car to get out and stretch its legs.

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