Petrol and diesel prices as at 6 June 2019

A spate of price cuts last week saw petrol and diesel fall a total of 8 cents per litre, all due to drops in the commodity price, although the NZ$ made a very small gain. Since the 6cpl price cut in the previous week, the commodity price had fallen just over 7cpl, due mainly to a drop in the oil price. As it is, these drops still leave margins at a higher level than we have seen in recent months, suggesting scope for further price cuts.

Petrol and diesel prices as at 6 June 2019
  National fuel price
91 Octane 220.9
95 Octane 229.9
Diesel 160.9


Previous prices as at 30 May
  National fuel price
91 Octane 228.9
95 Octane 237.9
Diesel 168.9




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