New Zealand’s EV community got an early Christmas present with the fleet hitting 6,000 registrations.
This time last year there were 2,547 EVs registered and numbers have increased 136% in the year. This year’s 3,485 total registrations were made up of 2,154 used electric (62% of 2017 registrations) followed by 649 new electric (19%).

Momentum is certainly picking up and we are part of an international trend. As Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported last week: “It took two decades to sell the first million EVs. The second million hit the road within 18 months.”

In New Zealand, Auckland continues to lead the charge regionally. They own 50% of the light EV fleet, a total of 2,864 vehicles, considerably above their share of the nation’s population (34%)
On a per capita basis, Auckland is clearly ahead of the Canterbury region fleet (696) and Wellington (679).The numbers registered in Auckland has increased 117% since December 2016 when the fleet size was 1,319.

By type, 1,123 or 39.2% of Auckland's fleet are used light pure electrics, ahead of new light pure electric (955 or 33.3%). Pure electrics were more popular than light plug-in hybrids, which accounted for 27.4% of the fleet.

The size of the region’s light EV fleet has more than doubled annually since 2013, when there were just 63.

New Zealand and has a goal of reaching approximately 64,000 electric vehicles on our roads by the end of 2021, only 58,000 to go! 

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