Pay for fuel using your Smartphone

Motorists in New Zealand will soon to be able to order and pay for their diesel or petrol from inside their cars.

BPMe is a new mobile payment technology that removes the need for drivers to go into the store at BP service stations to pay for their fuel.

Selected BP Fuelcard holders can now download an app that will allow them to pull up at a fuel pump, log in, select the fuel type and then allocate the amount of fuel that they would like to buy. After which, drivers simply need to step outside their vehicle and start refuelling.

The pay-in-car service is available to download for the selected fuelcard customers who have both Android and iOS devices. While it’s currently being offered to business customers at particular sites first, it will soon be available to retail fuelcard holders as well.

BP general manager of fuels and marketing Debi Boffa says the technology has been launched in response to research that shows customers wanted faster and simpler refuelling, as well as the increased popularity of mobile payment technology in New Zealand.

Debi adds that "the age-old process of getting out of your car to fuel, entering the store, waiting in line, and paying at the counter has now completely changed.”

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