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Starias align between Hyundai and St John

ANCAP recently released a Commercial Van Safety Comparison report highlighting the differences in safety specification and the varying levels of active safety performance across 16 commercial vans. The report found that the Hyundai Staria Load is the safest work van on the market. Click here to learn more. 

Now St John will be using New Zealand’s safest van – which here at the AA we think is far more than just a van. Hyundai New Zealand has been supporting St John with vehicles for the last 17 years, supplying over 350 vehicles since the relationship was formed back in 2005.

hyundai st johns1

Hyundai New Zealand CEO Andy Sinclair says the Staria is the latest in a long line of vehicles provided to the charity since 2005. “As a 100% Kiwi owned company, we are committed to supporting Kiwi communities. St John plays an essential role in delivering care to the New Zealand public, so we are pleased to help out in this way. The new Staria will be a valuable asset to St Johns, enabling them to transport supplies.”

St John relies on a wide-ranging fleet of vehicles to maintain its world-class emergency ambulance service.

hyundai st johns

Stuart Cockburn, St John General Manager Ambulance Operations – North, comments, “St John is humbled to receive the donation of a logistics support vehicle from Hyundai. These vehicles carry important supplies to and from ambulance stations around the country and are a vital component in the service delivery chain at St John. St John offers a heartfelt thank you to Hyundai for this generous gift and contribution to the wellbeing of everyone we serve.”

The AA had the opportunity to sample the futuristic new Staria Load at the end of 2021 and were impressed by its modern spec and safety features plus the advanced level of comfort it provides for a van.

For more on what we had to say about the Staria Load, click on our Review and Blog.

To read the Commercial Van Safety Comparison report click here.

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