The latest Used Car Safety Ratings

Buying a used car these days doesn’t mean you have to forgo safety. In many instances you don’t need to break the bank to buy a safe set of wheels. But what should you buy?

The recently released 2018-19 Used Car Safety Ratings provide you with a crash safety rating that shows how well each vehicle protects its driver from serious injury in a crash so you can make an informed decision about your next purchase.

The ratings are created by using records from more than 8 million vehicles involved in police-reported road crashes in New Zealand and Australia. Research by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) in Melbourne, which created the ratings, found that a driver of the worst-rated vehicle for safety is more than 10 times likely to be killed or seriously injured in the same crash as a driver in the best-rated vehicle. Recent data also shows that 40% of those killed were in cars 15 years or older, while only 15% were in cars less than 5 years old.

When looking at used cars, look for a vehicle with at least a good or excellent (4 or 5 stars) rating for driver protection or a “Safer Pick” vehicle. Safer pick vehicles have been found to cause less serious injury to drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in a collision, and have a lower risk of being involved in a crash. The cars with the highest safety ratings incorporate important safety technologies to help them avoid a crash like Electronic Stability Control which dramatically improves a vehicle’s road-holding capability and control for the driver. This year, the Safer Pick options also include reversing cameras for the first time.

The safest vehicle isn’t always the most expensive. We’ve taken a look at some of the 5 star rated vehicles and compiled some prices based on travelling between 100,000 – 150,000kms.


Year range

 Priced as low as

Light cars

Honda City


 $                            7,000.00

Small cars

Audi A3


 $                            5,000.00

BMW 1 Series E81/E82/E87/E88


 $                            6,000.00

Volkswagen Golf VII


 $                         12,000.00

Medium cars

Toyota Camry


 $                         10,000.00

Ford Mondeo


 $                            6,000.00

Subaru Legacy/Outback


 $                            7,000.00

Medium SUV

Mazda CX-7


 $                            9,000.00

Mitsubishi Outlander


 $                            8,000.00

Toyota Kluger/Highlander


 $                         11,000.00

Large SUV

Mazda CX-9


 $                         22,000.00

Mitsubishi Pajero NT,NS,NW,NX


 $                         18,000.00

Commercial Ute

Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50


 $                         20,000.00

Holden Colorado RC


 $                         18,000.00

This year there is a broad range of safe vehicles to choose from whatever your search criteria. AA Motoring always recommends that you buy the safest vehicle you can afford. To understand that, it’s worth putting time in to doing a little research. For the complete list of the latest Used Car Safety Ratings, go to

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